Meet The Family

Rob R.J.Dip
Owner / Pre Owned Watch Specialist

George Moss is one of my greatest achievements and along with my fantastic team I am immensely proud of what it has become today. For me its not about the hard sell, its about building a trusting and loyal relationship with every customer ensuring  needs and expectations are not only understood but exceeded.

I am proud to say that over the years our customers have become some of my closest friends.

Kelly P.J.Dip
Manager/Senior Design Consulant

I’ve always had a passion for customer service and have always enjoyed working in the retail sector over the years, however, I always felt I had more to give.

Working in the jewellery sector appealed to me as it is such a more involved and exciting sales process. Being able to be a part of such special and momentous occasions in people’s lives and helping them choose that perfect piece for a loved one has really surpassed my expectations. 

Phoebe P.J.Cert
Senior Sales Consultant/ Design consulant

I absolutely loved science at school, learning new and interesting things. I joined George Moss focusing more on the education side of the business, learning about the chemical compositions of different gemstones and metals. George Moss is amazing at pushing us towards our dreams and so far I have completed my Jet 1 Professional Jewellers Certificate and will be progressing on to my Jet 2. Eventually, I would love to become a Registered Valuer.

Julie R.J.Dip
Sales Consultant / Visual Merchandiser

Jewellery has always been something I have admired and I am fortunate to have been able to have turned a passion into a career. I have developed and maintained a vast and varied knowledge of all types of gemstones and love to be able share the knowledge that I have with all of our customers. Sharing through a new sale or being able to give advice about a sentimental piece is something I feel privileged to be able to do.

Customer Support

I joined the George Moss Family at the beginning of 2022. I have always had a keen interest in prestigious watches and was keen to explore that passion further, however, since starting the role I have found I have a real flair for visual merchandising and enjoy the daily task of displaying all the windows and products making sure they are perfect for customers to shop. I also enjoy sales and the combination of displaying a product and contributing to a sale, I find extremely rewarding. 

Head of Security

I am the youngest member of the family joining last year .

I love meeting new people and really like it when they give me belly rubs. Being head of security can be very tiring  so you will often find me sleeping on the job catching up on some 💤 .

“We are more than just a team, we are a family.”

Established in 1995 we are an independent family jewellers based in the heart of Uckfield. We are about exceptional customer service and excellence is at the forefront of everything we all do, and we are privileged to say that over the years our customers have become our friends.

Being independent gives us complete control over everything we do. Not only do we have a stunning showroom where every product and brand has been carefully chosen and sourced by us, we are also fortunate to be able to offer a diverse range of services in house as well as within our associated studios.  Having an investment in the studios allows us to have personal control of any project seeing it through every step of the way.

Consisting of a small team, every member has an important role to play and the blended mix of skills and personalities makes us what we are today. Each member of the team has completed the Professional Jewellers certificate and Diploma ensuring comprehensive professional jewellery trade knowledge. Ongoing training within the company is encouraged and everyone is constantly striving to broaden and increase their skills and knowledge.